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Free Tax advice for your BTL clients

Following recent tax changes, brokers are at risk of giving the wrong mortgage advice because they have not considered the tax implications.

What should brokers be doing on BTL cases?

  • Never getting involved in the tax advice unless they are qualified to do so
  • Ensuring their clients get specialist tax advice.
  • Advising on a suitable mortgage once that advice has been obtained.

De-risk yourself and get your clients the right advice.

Do your clients have a tax adviser with specialist BTL experience? If so they should talk to them

If not we can offer your clients a free 15 minute telephone consultation with our BTL tax expert.

Tell your clients to expect a call from one of our tax experts then complete the form below

Client’s Name:
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Explanation of what clients seeking to do:
Broker's Name:
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Your client should receive a call from a tax expert within 24 hours which may well be sufficient for their purposes. They also have an option to engage the firm should they require more detailed advice. The service is low cost and offered nationally via phone and email.

As this is a free service there are no updates. Please liaise with your client regarding any advice given.